Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Paul Craig Roberts: Putin Has Walked Right into Washington's Trap (and did so under the applause of his believers and cheer leaders)

There is a huge cost that Putin and Russia paid and pays for listening to the Putin-worshipping (anti-)Atlanticists and both the US and Kremlin's dis-informers who served and serve Russia's re-proletarization (pauperization) and colonization, while extolling Putin's faux genius and personality cult. The Atlanticis and the Putinists, both the US (whether Washington's or "anti-globalists, anti-NWO") and the Russian ones, have to share the blame. They served and continue to serve the neo-conservative agenda. With Putin or Putin's image (both an icon and cartoon), "Russia walked straight into Washington's trap" (PCR).

Conflicts and wars were never meant to be won by the dumber and the more corrupt side.

Paul Craig Roberts writes: "This is the huge cost that Putin paid for listening to the unrealistic, American-worshipping Atlanticist Integrationists who are determined that Russia be accepted by the West even if it means being a semi-vassal. If there is nuclear war, the Russian Atlanticist Integrationists will share the blame with the American neoconservatives. And all of us will pay the price for the disaster produced by these few, the neoconservatives demanding war and the Atlanticist Integrationists demanding appeasement of Washington."

Michael Green noted: "It should be noted that in a recent article (The US: A Dead Nation Walking), PCR made a compelling case that Putin didn't just "listen" to the "American-worshipping Atlanticist Integrationists", but that he is one."

Paul Craig Roberts also adds this "... pressured by the Atlanticist Integrationist element in the Russian elite, the Russian government withdrew, announcing mission accomplished and relying on the Syrian Army to complete the job. This strategic error [didn't I say it right way as it happened? oh, yes, I did] allowed Washington not merely to replenish the ISIS munitions that had been destroyed and to muster more mercenaries, but more importantly to come up with a plan for Russia’s and Assad’s undoing.
By the time that the Russian government realized that early withdrawal was a mistake and re-entered the conflict, Washington had decided that if Damascus could not be «liberated», Syria could be partitioned and pressure kept on Assad in that way. Yet the Russian government continued to postpone victory by cease fire agreements that Washington used to rearm ISIS and as propaganda weapons against Russia."

The word is out: Russia's Central Bank (the Russian filial of the Fed) has--like the government itself--a crisis program. A program of "monetary hunger." Briefly put, a program of poverty and hunger for the Russians. Russia's "re-proletarization"--making people who have nothing and no longer even a country of their own.

Nabiullina, Gref's and Putin's co-conspirator, head of "Russia's Central Bank": The policy and strategy in the crisis is the policy and strategy of crisis. It is--in plain language and even in her own words--to create "monetary hunger" in Russia, monetary poverty for the Russians. From monetary hunger and poverty there is not only a small step toward true poverty and hunger, but the step and effect is guaranteed and assured. To sum up: the strategy and policy of crisis is Russia's assured destruction by its own government through the policy of deliberately induced and imposed poverty and new "proletarization" of the country, which, to cite Marx, would leave the Russians only with the chains and with no country of their own any more.

Михаил Делягин:
Непонятные слова используются по очень простой причине. Если вы бредите, вы должны сделать так, чтобы вас никто не понимал. Госпожа Набиуллина говорит, что мы должны искусственно создать денежный голод. Ни у кого в стране денег не будет, и тогда будет низкая инфляция. То, что это приведёт к уничтожению страны и в уничтоженную страну, как в Сомали и Гаити, никаких инвестиций не будет даже при низкой инфляции, – это её не волнует. На это её фантазии не хватает – она либерал. Мы же это проходили в 90-е годы, когда экономика уничтожалась при помощи искусственного денежного голода. Тогда выяснилось, что при голоде цены всё равно растут. Потому что есть монополии, есть издержки, рост которых вызывает рост цен. И если в экономике нет денег, возникает кризис неплатежей. При этом экономика разрушается, и единственный способ её поддержать – это устроить девальвацию. При девальвации резко растут цены на всё импортное. Но в результате денежного голода собственное производство уже уничтожено. И поэтому снова приходится покупать импортное. Соответственно, вы получаете вместо снижения инфляции её взлёт. Вот этот бред, эта околесица, которая длится уже четверть века, прикрывает очень серьёзные, фундаментальные интересы. Разница между руководством американской ФРС и госпожой Набиуллиной не в том, что в ФРС сидят умные люди, а госпожа Набиуллина не очень умный человек. Разница другая: ФРС служит интересам Америки. А кому служит госпожа Набиуллина – большой вопрос.

Sunday, October 23, 2016

Strategies, clever games, and even political theories areimportant. But the bottom line is and always has been this: Which sides takes better care of its people and is more honorable in this?

One of the things which an awakened mind might need to meditate on and ponder about is this: The killing of the best and best known commanders of Novorossiya started off with the killing of Bednov ("Batman") openly by the crew of Plotnitsky, the Lugansk signatory of the Minsk deals. On the other hand, the Kiev regime gave its better known ATO commanders seats in the Parliament of the land. In addition, the Donbass veterans have no status and no official recognition in Russia and they (and their families) receive no social or other support, while Russian state banks continue financing ATO in Ukraine and help the ATO veterans with special financing and credits. 
Why is this important and telling? Because, as in the Cold War, when all is said and done, the side which treats and honors its people better than the other side is more likely to win.

Friday, October 21, 2016

The EU is now giving to Putin its Nuland-like cookie: Sanctions for helping out against al Qaeda are deferred for now. Instead, the EU now brandishes with "all options" against Russia are now on the table, which is actually a notable, even dramatic escalation, though thinly veiled behind the deferment of the new sanctions. In a word, the West has Russia exactly where they wanted Russia to be after 25 years of faux "independence."

On Wednesday Putin consented to Poroshenko's and his allies (i.e. Germany and France) demand for the armed OSCE (NATO-proxy) force in Donbass and after he also issued a new demand on Damascus to change its constitution, as demanded by the US and al Qaeda proxies. Moreover, Merkel (Germany) has been entrusted and charged with developing the armed police OSCE force for the Russians in Donbass, , which is much like asking NATO to do it, and this too Putin praised very "positively."

On Thursday, on the very next day, the EU awarded Putin a cookie as a symbolic reward by not adding new sanctions on Russia over Russia's involvement in Syria (from the start coordinated with the US). In return, the EU introduced a new threatening language that says that for the EU now "ALL OPTIONS are not on the table." Well, in diplomatic language, "all options" traditionally don't mean just sanctions, but also use of force. Thus, while apparently backtracking on sanctions, the EU is now actually threatening Russia with war. It was this threat or fear that was initially also used to justify the introduction of Putin's so-called "clever" or "cunning plan" and the abandonment of Novorossiya to the fascists and the Minsk betrayals.


Thursday, October 20, 2016

Putin in Berlin on October 19. (Spoiler alert: he got there his new marching orders)

With the makeup of a faux genius and Botox of PR increasingly failing and falling off, the real Putin in Berlin came out more strongly than the formerly projected impersonator of a leader. Putin thus showed himself rather as a feeble, obsequious person, a local colonial, amoral administrator of rather fair intellectual and thinking abilities and vacuous character, ridden with anxiety and complexes and in much dependent on the strings-playing thumbs of his masters. What he already officially approved as a good idea back in April (the latest), he endorsed more fully again (though with a bit of initial denial disinformation)--namely deployment of "the armed OSCE police force," more plainly, a NATO proxy with OSCE logos, in Donbass. On the orders of his masters, he even again reiterated their demand, which he also had made (as if) his own before, namely that Syria's anti-imperialist and modestly socialist constitution overwhelmingly approved at a people's referendum in 2012 ought to changed in order please and placate the whims of Washington and takfiri al Qaeda and their proxies who have been waging a genocidal war on Syria since 2011.

If Putin started his presidency in 2000 telling Larry King of CNN with a self-content smile of a sociopath that the Kursk submarine just "sank."



Russia as a civilization and a country has been in the last 25 years or so (and 16 years under Putin) turned into an analogy of Kursk, of course, on a much bigger scale. In this regard, the economic policies, strategic use and appointments of the similar filtered sociopaths and shady characters in positions of power and management and also the Yeltsin Center have been some of the most effective torpedoes tearing through the once great ship called Russia and the USSR.

The course of Russia has been triangulated so that, if Putin began his presidency with the Kursk disaster and his "it sank" smiling bon mot, he might well end his journey with another "it sank" moment. For that is now already within the realm of the possible.

As recommended, this too is worth watching without sound. Putin's personality comes out nicely--in contrast with the Swiss leader side by side:

То, что звука нет, это спецон. Звук тут и не нужен - не важно о чём они говорят, важна мимика альфасамца, бегающие глазки и его дрожащие пальцы теребящие ручку, конверт и другие случайные предметы. Хотя, его просьба не проводить референдум в Новороссии ( за два дня до проведения) озвученная во время встречи, это как вишенка на торте.

В общем, это конечно ключевой момент для понимания "политики" РФ в Украинском вопросе.

"Буркхальтер милый мой Буркхальтер,
Вот он какой, такой простой..."



Look (and I recommend to watch it without a sound so that you can concentrate on the faces, body languages, and expressions) what was supposed to be Putin's "victory speech" after today's Duma elections.

Observe him and also pay attention to the people there, including the top officials of the regime standing behind Putin. Well, this does not look like a sincere, honest celebration of a victory at all. At times, there is a shadow passing over both Putin and Medvedev that looks to me like fear and apprehension.

Moreover, if I were to forget the occasion, then the posture of Putin here would remind me more of a person who just handed in his resignation or who is delivering a concession speech of a candidate who actually lost.


Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Thinking is a Job of Clearing ... and Cleaning ... That's Why It Can Be Only a Calling, Not a Career ... But, in General, Western Political Thought Knows Only of Two Main Forms of Philosophical Hygiene--Either the Socratic Way or the Way of Nietzsche

The Load of Shots
(Hillary-White Man’s Burden)

Take up the load of crap and deuce,
Send forth the best you breed
To hedge funds and its fleecing fees
To have your captives serve your needs,

Wait in heavy harness as half-devil
And half-child if your wanting half
Is ever to reign supreme and complete.
Take up the load of crap and deuce!

Should you veil your threat of terror,
Then go and disguise your pride
By a rant of twofold speech—
One for the banks on savage wars

And the other for the folks just waiting
To be taken for a ride.
To them be good and even
Mildly true and dumb.

Take up the load of crap and deuce!
Take up the savage wars of peace!
And sell them few times over
For a prayer and a straight face lie!

Fill full their mouth with flux and deuce!
And bid that sickness to grow and abide.
And when your goal is nearest,
Then let others be your nulls and fools.  

Take up the load of crap and deuce!
Freedom is for muffs when the mind
Is but a piece to be picked by sweepers
If your ego goes on to swell and plow

Into their crania, holes and cracks,
The common tale of toiling serfs
Whom power marks as dead
And mortgage—all in advance.

Take up the load of dung and stool
And reap and heap its ancient reward
—selling crime and wicked terror
As your virgin, pious, simple bride.

Take up the load of poop and dung
And turn the world into its final, closing night
And dare not stoop to less—if you pawn
To the devil your soiled, redundant soul,

Weariness, scruples and remorse.
Take up the load of crap and deuce!
If man is to be to man a swine,
Then let him stand on twos!

October 15, 2016